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About Us

Since 1994

About Us

Paradise Jeep Rentals began operations in 1994. It all started with one vehicle, and a simple idea of providing a way for utility workers to get around and provide telephone and cable services to their customers on the island. If it did not work out, the owner would just use the vehicle for his own private transportation. The idea worked out and grew into a formal business with more vehicles being added each year.

The business was almost completely wiped-out during hurricane Irma because it suffered major damages to its small fleet of vehicles. For the past few years since, the business has been on the road to recovery as it rebuilds. Today there are about two dozen vehicles.

We believe in providing excellent service to our customers. We offer pick up services when our customers are ready for their vehicle, and even pick them up at the dock when they arrive on the island. We take pride in making sure that our vehicles are clean and looking great for our customers.